Things I like to do

Today this project of writing a blog post every day seems daunting. I had no idea how exhausting this current state of affairs would be. Social norms are fraying and so I thought I would like to share a little list of things I love to do but which I do not feel have been sufficiently embraced, approved of or celebrated by the people in my life.

  • Read like a maniac. I am currently reading a French Burundi book, a philosophy book and a big fat book about prehistoric man but I’m tempted to pick up something else for fun along the way.
  • Write in my books and dog ear their pages. They need the love.
  • Be naked. This will have to wait until I once again have alone time.
  • Sleep outside.
  • Jump into cold water. The sun has come out and even the completely grotty Canal du Midi looks tempting.
  • Eat with my hands and fast.
  • Fart loudly.
  • Hug my child. He is much bigger than I am and his hugs are a little scary now because he can pick me up and drop me.
  • Ride my bike in the rain and also walk in the rain and also walk in the snow.
  • Run up stairs.
  • Praise my own excellent cooking. I have Cuban black beans, garlicky green rice and apple crisp in the kitchen.
  • Dance wildly and without much rhythm.
  • Get up before dawn.
  • Invite lots of people with small children over to my house. The ruckus will return one day!
  • Be a slob, leave my clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink and a general state of rumpledness.
  • Swear.
  • Leave work at work.
  • Wear clothes with holes or stains. Parsimoniousness will save the planet.
Time to breathe says the mural.

4 thoughts on “Things I like to do”

  1. I’ve been enjoying your posts and looking forward to them every day. Believe me they are a lifesaver right now and help me feel connected to the bigger World. Your pictures are wonderful, your writing is a pleasure to read and I love being able to get some insights into your past life and your interests and your brain. Also, you have a great sense of humor and I agree that farting loudly is so much fun.


  2. Wow. Was I you in another life?! You just described mine almost perfectly. You should add: don’t do your hair, don’t you even worry about what your hair is doing! Hair is not you!! It doesn’t define a person!! Nor does one’s shoes…


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