A short break

Today is my stepfather’s birthday! And my nephew’s birthday! All celebrating in rather exclusive, excluded ways this year. Here in France we are savoring the idea that in two weeks things might change. Or maybe not. They are all arguing about voting on the deconfinement plan tomorrow and no one is going to be happy with all of it. I have been thinking lots of thought about some binaries. What is the difference between hard safety and soft safety? How do we reconcile what our ears tell us and what our eyes tell us?

I was wondering about the separation of the senses and here was Paulette’s lesson for the day. Your brain has two sensory systems (eyes/ears) which contradict each other.

I have also been having heavier thoughts about my son’s future. Will he go to high school in the fall? Will we be comfortable putting large groups of people in old buildings with imperfect ventilation in just four months? I don’t know.

Once I counted up how many miles I had walked in my radius I got a little worn out just thinking about it and lost some steam. My exercise routine is starting to resemble pacing, a nervous twitch of the confined beast.

French dentists are protesting that they aren’t going to be getting PPE. My own dentist is very cute but I haven’t seen him yet at #dentisteapoil.

We are alternating between big heavy rainstorms and hot summery days here. There is more trash (and dog shit, sigh) in the streets and people seem quite a bit less worried about life.

A sign outside of a daycare for essential workers – thanking the sanitation workers.

I have many stories to tell but today feels like a day of staying inward and so more will come tomorrow.

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