Here we are, all locked up and alone again. Plus ça change. This time, however, we are in a cute small town in the US and the election has come and gone. France is shut down again except for schools. Thanksgiving is mostly cancelled and if I’m not careful I could Zoom my soul right out of my body. I miss writing my posts. I miss the discipline and the walks looking for images. We are back in the land of vast spaces, loud trucks and dry mountains.

Mt. Eddy with friends and dogs. All the distance.

In January I signed up for a new endeavor and have been hard at work learning many amazing things. It is almost time to launch. Starting December 1, I will be posting one delightful thing to do (off-screen) every day until the end of this 2020. Here in the US people complain about the year, as though an arbitrary date will end this epoch. I do not expect January 1, 2021 to bring any miracles but I still have stories to tell and it’s going to be a dark month for many. I am lonely here and miss my other languages terribly. It is cold and we are all masking up. So, in order to distract myself, I have concocted a new project: 31 days of self-care or self-ridicule or self-indulgence coming your way! So stay tuned for new and exciting posts. You can also follow me on IG @healeydelight if you are so inclined.

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