My favorite joke to tell is somewhat offensive to people who believe in Jesus. It’s a childish joke and just recently I realized that what I love best about it is a chance to act the fool. Did you ever wonder why they chose crucifixion instead of stoning, which was quite popular back in the day? Answer: Because the poor Catholics would have to do this and then I writhe around and hit myself with my fists. I love pounding on my chest and on my arms and legs. Zoom is turning me in to a flat headless body and so today, as an antidote, thump yourself. It’s very simple, make small fists and hit the tough parts of yourself! Chest thumping is awesome, quad thumping is like a massage, arm and shoulder thumping is exhilarating. Try your ribs but go lightly.

Be gentle with your head and don’t hit your belly but try today to just thump a little life into yourself. Feel free to sound and to writhe. When you are done, shake it out and enjoy the tingle. Welcome back to your three-dimensional self! It’s so much more satisfying to beat yourself up with your actual fists than with your inner critic.

Have fun!

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