Shoes on Seaside beach

I went to visit my brother in California when the smoke was terrible up here. I loved seeing these shoes and no people in sight. A reminder of trust, of being carefree of some gentle abandon that was so hard to remember during tragedy.

So today’s self-care suggestion, a terribly difficult one for me, is to be a bit of a slacker. Skip out early from a Zoom meeting where no one really needs you. Sleep through yoga class. Cancel a commitment that you can do another day. I am not recommending abandoning your responsibilities but for some of us the screens and the schedules become a hook, an urgent hook, and we need to step away. Remember pre-Covid when one could get stuck in traffic, have a bike flat tire, not be able to leave the house because of a vomiting child? Take a tiny break. Be late. Let yourself off that particular hook just as an exercise in remembering your own needs.

On Thursday morning I did NOT go to my 6:30 am yoga class on Zoom but reset my alarm to 8:00 am and slept and slept. It felt so naughty and I sent an apology email but sometimes we just need to step away, step back, leave our shoes on the sand.

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